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Dalton Ohio

Westerfeld Construction purchased the desirable piece of raw land, completed all zoning and planing aspects achieving complete approval then later sold the subdivision to building company, Weaver Custom Homes

Wadsworth Ohio

100+ unit condominium subdivision, Westerfeld Construction purchased and developed the second half of the already planned PUD.

Briarthorne Commercial

In addition to developing the balance 90+ homes in the Wadsworth Briarthorn community, Westerfeld Construction through a joint venture arranged for frontage realestate to become commercial space

Spec Homes


3,000 Sf Country Style

This home featuring live dormers and front port create a beautiful country style home.  Full vaulted ceilings, fireplace and hardwood floors among many other features made this home a great seller. 


1,600 Sf Ranch

This ranch home featuring a modest 1,600 Sf along with a completely full finished basement combines quantity with quality. The full finished basement offers affordable square footage

2,400 Sf Keys home

Westerfeld Construction often works with customers that desire to invest in construction projects.  This spec home was built in Cudjoe key.